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Worried about seeing your favourite garments covered in unsightly fuzz? Our fabric shaver can be the ultimate solution to make your old and worn-out clothes new again. 

Reyiko Fabric Shavers make worn-out clothes look new again by removing lint and pills. By using a fabric shaver, you can avoid throwing away old clothes and save money and resources. 

Our wooden fabric shaver is a must-have tool, helping revive your old garments and fabrics. Designed with the utmost care, it effectively removes lint without damaging the clothes.  

Crafted from durable wood, the shaver is built to last and is a sustainable alternative to disposable options.  

What is a Fabric Shaver?  

A fabric shaver is a useful tool for removing lint, pills, and fuzz from clothes. Wear and tear can cause fibres in clothing to fray. A fabric shaver glides over the surface to remove the accumulated lint and pilling. Manual fabric shavers do not require charging or batteries. The pressure applied determines how close the blade gets to the material.  

Using a fabric shaver is a safe alternative to harsh chemicals used to keep your clothing looking new. It is also more cost-effective than taking your clothes to the dry cleaner's. 

Reyiko's fabric shaver is a versatile tool that helps keep your clothes and furniture looking great. 

Benefits of a Fabric Shaver  

Easy to Use: The shaver is convenient to use, giving new life to your clothes covered in lint and pilling. Also, the lint, fur, and any other fuzz collected can be easily removed from the copper teeth and thrown in your garbage can. It quickly restores the appearance of your garments by efficiently removing lint, fuzz and pilling.  

Saves Time: Removing lint, fur, and any other fuzz from clothes and upholstery can be a time-consuming job. A fabric shaver can be used to quickly remove these blemishes from your garments. You move the blade of the fabric shaver over the surface of your garments. As you apply pressure, the fabric shaver moves and starts gathering the fuzz and lint from the fabric. 

Eco-friendly Solution: Using a fabric shaver is great for the environment as it helps extend the life of your clothes and textiles. When clothing or textiles become worn out, they end up in landfills and contribute to environmental problems. A fabric shaver helps maintain your clothing and textiles, thus reducing waste. Also, it is a more sustainable alternative to harsh chemicals used to keep clothes in good condition. 

Portable: The fabric shaver is portable and lightweight; you can even use it when travelling. It is easy to carry in your bag or luggage that doesn't take up too much space. 

Multipurpose: Apart from de-fuzzing your clothing, the fabric shaver can also be used to clean carpeted stairs, restore cushions, remove pet hair from your car, and rejuvenate your bedding. 

Gentle on the Fabric: The fabric shavers are designed to work on a variety of fabrics, such as wool, cotton, synthetic materials, etc. They are also gentle on the surface, helping keep your clothes looking new without any damage to the fabric. 

Choose Reyiko’s Wooden Fabric Shaver to Rejuvenate Your Clothes  

Rejuvenate your clothes and extend their usability with Reyiko’s wooden fabric shaver. 

Buy our wooden fabric shaver online and revitalize your wardrobe. Shop now and take the first step to a sustainable and stylish approach to fabric care and reduce textile waste. 

Shop Now to Restore the Look and Feel of Your Clothes!

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