Disclaimer – All of our products are manufactured or are handmade from Asia. To ensure their safe and secure passage to your door step, your items are packaged with bubble wrap and shipped in padded envelopes.


We are sorry, as we know this isn’t ideal for anyone who wants to live a plastic free lifestyle.


We are still in our infancy and we still have a few things such as logistics and preorders to iron out. However, we are happy that you are here to witness our progress and growth.


Currently, most of our packaging are widely recycled, so please make sure you rip off the address label on them, before throwing them into a recycling bin.


We aim to replace all of our single use plastic packaging into paper and biodegradable plastics - made from corn starch. We are also aiming to store our most popular products in warehouses closer to you, to help reduce their carbon footprint.


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If you have any complaints about your packaging or looking for great tips to minimize the use of plastics in your life, contact us on our website, on our Facebook Page or on Instagram.