A shrewd customer asked us, “The shipping is just too long, can’t I just buy a product similar to yours, on Amazon?”


Unfortunately yes, shipping takes between 5-8 working days to UK, USA and Canada.


Still in our infancy, we only have a couple of fully functioning warehouses outside of UK, USA and Canada. We are hard at work in expanding our logistics operations, to bring you faster shipping, but please bear with us, as it will take a few years to reach completion.


If you find any products similar to ours on an online store with faster shipping times, that’s perfectly fine, go ahead with the purchase. However, we only wish to sell unique, reusable and environmentally friendlier alternatives to what other stores provide.


We want to introduce products to you that have minimal or no plastic at all, which will minimise any negative impact caused to our environment.


Join us in our journey to make our eco friendly products readily available all around you, packed with only sustainable packaging.


It will be a long process, but it’ll be worth the wait.


If you are a customer already, thank you so much for your help. If you are just browsing, thank you as well and make sure to check out all of our collections.


All the profits we make, will be reinvested back into the business, to help bring more affordable and innovative products to you.