Reyiko is now open for business.

Reyiko is here to help integrate nature and reusability into your everyday life.

Reyiko is a gateway to an eco friendly and zero waste lifestyle.

All of our items have eco-consciousness ingrained in them. They are more reusable, longer lasting and less damaging to our environments than their evil counterparts. 

Each Reyiko item aims to make your life much easier. Each of them have their own beautiful purpose. 

Don't know where to start? Check out our Reusable Beeswax Wraps. They are the new clingfilm killer. They are made out of organic cotton, supported with beeswax and jojoba resin. When applied with the warmth of your hands, they will mould and wrap around any food item (raw meat not recommended). You will no longer have use for single use plastics to preserve food. 

There's a lot more products on our store. We have the weird and the wonderful in our inventory.

If you feel like treating yourself, please look at our marvellous Eco You Collection of items

Need something to take with you when you are going out, take a look at our Eco World Collection

How about something for your lovely home? No need to look elsewhere, we have a handful of gems glistening in our Eco Home Collection

Let our items seamlessly integrate into your everyday life and help them help you.