Coconut Shell Bowls

What are Coconut Shell Bowls?

They are natural bowls made out of the the shells of a coconut. 

The coconut industry is rampantly thriving with rapid extraction of coconuts' innards - oil, flesh and water from their crusty shells, then passed onto us, the consumers.

Unfortunately, as a bi-product, the coconut shells are discarded as waste. These shells are often incinerated leading to a significant release of greenhouse gases, such as, Carbon Dioxide and Methane. Greenhouse gases are a culprit to global warming and they have a negative impact to our environment and sustainability.


We humans, have realised the immense potential the ruggedly raw coconut shells have. So, what do we do? We up-cycle the shells into pearlescent shell bowls to e used as a normal bowl on a daily basis. What a great way to be zero waste and prevent these valuable shells from being thrown into landfills or burned away. 

Where can I buy a Coconut Shell Bowl?

A lot of online stores have been doing the good deed by up-cycling these useless coconut shells into useful Coconut Bowls. We are sooo late to the party, but it’s fine; we’re here, we’re fashionably late and reasonably priced.

We are proud to announce our collection of coconut bowls and spoons made from coconut shells and palm wood. Check them out!

Special thanks to our great friends in Thailand and Viet Nam. With their help, we are now able to bring these lovely shells to you. 


How do I take care of my Coconut Shell Bowls?

To make your Coconut Bowl as durable as possible:

  • Smooth over the whole bowl with a dab of coconut oil every 2-3 weeks. You may notice after applying oil, your coconut bowl will become darker and well nourished.
  • Please wash the Coconut Bowl by hand.
  • They cannot withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  • Your coconut bowl is not dishwasher safe

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