DIY Molded Pillar Candles

 Necessary Equipment and Items list

  • Thermometer
  • Square Braid Candle Wicks - #3 for 5cm ( 2" ) or #5 for 7.5cm ( 3" ) 
  • Pillar Molds
  • Wooden Peg or Bobby Pin
  • High temperature metal taper
  • Pouring pitcher
  • Makeshift Double Boiler or a Pot

Ingredients list

  • 180-220g of Beeswax Pellets


  1. Assemble your makeshift double boiler by placing a heat resistant mixing bowl over a sauce pan, and have the pan filled with water a quarter way. If you have a normal cooking pot, that should be fine too.

  2. Pour and melt the beeswax pellets into the mixing bowl or your cooking pot. 

  3. While waiting for the wax to melt, prepare your molds. You can use metal molds, as they can be recycled when you decide to throw them away in the far future. If you don’t have a metal mold, do not worry! You can use a silicone mold, as they are widely available online.                              
  4. If you are using a metal mold, lubricate the insides with olive oil or any other natural lubricant. 

  5. Attach the wick to the metal taper.

  6. Stick the metal taper inside, and on the bottom of the pillar mold.

  7. Run the wick through the middle of the bobby pin or through with a wooden peg.

  8. Place the peg or pin on top of the mold and make sure the wick remains positioned inside, and in the middle of the mold.

  9. Once the molds are prepared, check on the beeswax. 

  10. Target temperature should be 74°C-77°C (165°F-170°F).

  11. When all the beeswax is melted, pour into a pouring pitcher.

  12. From the pouring pitcher, immediately fill the molds close to maximum level, leaving about 1.3cm (0.5") space from the top.

  13. Please make sure to fill the molds in one go. Filling in stages will lead to lines forming around the candle.

  14. C'est finit. Et Voila!


How to Fill the Cavities in your Candles

Cavities commonly occur in candles, when they cool. In order to counteract this, make a hole or widen an existing hole that's visible on the candle. You can do so by using a toothpick or something else that's sharp, handy and nimble.

Once you've widened the cavities, pour melted wax over to fill them up. That's all, it's simple and does the job effectively.

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