CBD & CBN Oil for Effective Sleep

Introducing our groundbreaking solution for blissful slumber and stress relief: CBD & CBN Oil crafted with meticulous care in Japan, harnessing the purest forms of CBD and CBN isolates. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and frazzled nerves as you indulge in the soothing embrace of our premium-grade formula.

What You'll receive?

  • CBD & CBN Oil 30ml
  • 500mg CBD
  • 500mg CBN
  • 16.7mg CBD & CBN per 1ml drop
  • MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Carrier Oil

Why Choose Our CBD & CBN Oil?

  • Highest Quality Isolates: Our oil is formulated with pure CBD and CBN isolates, meticulously extracted to ensure unparalleled quality and potency. Say hello to the purest form of these soothing compounds, without the interference of other cannabinoids found in full-spectrum oils.

  • Manufactured in Japan: Crafted with precision in Japan, our oil benefits from the country's stringent quality standards and commitment to excellence. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee safety, purity, and efficacy.

  • MCT Carrier Oil: We've chosen MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil as our carrier for a reason. Unlike olive oil, MCT oil is easily digested and rapidly absorbed by the body, ensuring maximum bioavailability of CBD and CBN. Say farewell to sluggish absorption and hello to swift relief.

Experience the Difference:

  • Sleep Soundly: Drift off into a serene slumber as our CBD & CBN Oil gently lulls you into a state of tranquility. Say goodbye to tossing and turning, and hello to restorative rest that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized come morning.

  • Relieve Stress: Bid farewell to the weight of the world on your shoulders with our stress-relieving formula. Feel the tension melt away as the soothing properties of CBD and CBN work their magic, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation amidst life's chaos.

Unbeatable Quality at a Reasonable Price:

  • We believe that quality should never be compromised, which is why we've gone above and beyond to source the finest ingredients and adhere to the strictest manufacturing standards.

  • Despite our commitment to excellence, we understand the importance of affordability. That's why we're proud to offer our CBD & CBN Oil at a reasonable price, ensuring that everyone can experience the transformative benefits of premium-grade relaxation.

Join the Sleep Revolution:

  • Embrace the power of nature's remedy and unlock the secrets to blissful sleep and stress relief with our CBD & CBN Oil. Experience the difference that quality, purity, and efficacy can make in your life.

  • Elevate your nightly routine and awaken to a brighter, more vibrant tomorrow with our game-changing formula. Say yes to serenity. Say yes to satisfaction. Say yes to CBD & CBN Oil.

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