Once you take the beeswax wraps are out of their packaging, they are ready to work. 

For fruits and vegetables:

  1. Choose the fruits and vegetables you wish to keep fresh.
  2. Place them on your beeswax wrap
  3. You can simply use the warmth of your hands to mould the wrap around your food.

To seal containers with food:

  1. You may have food placed inside your tableware.
  2. Place your beeswax wrap on top of your container.
  3. Use the warmth of your hands to cover the wrap around your container.

Please do not use these beeswax to cover raw meat and fish.


How to maintain them

  1. To reuse these wraps, apply a tiny amount of mild soap and wash them in cold water.
  2. You can hang them over a clothesline or place them on a cool place to dry.

What sizes does these beeswax wraps come in?

They come in 3 sizes:

  • Small 7 "x 8" - (18cm * 20cm)
  • Medium 10" x 11" - (25cm * 28cm)
  • Large 13 "x 14" - (33cm * 35cm)