By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean, by weight. - This prediction was made by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the World Economic Forum. 

It's debatable, but it's thought provoking and inevitable.


How would this affect you?

  • It takes ocean plastic 1000s of years to disintegrate.
  • Plastic is broken down to little pieces by the strong currents of the ocean.
  • All the marine life end up eating plastic, thinking it’s food.
  • Plastic now enters our food chain
  • Unknowingly, we end up consuming toxic plastic.


At Reyiko, our aim is to create a marketplace, which allows our customers to purchase environmentally friendlier alternatives, compared to what they would normally get.

We encourage our customers to gradually reduce the amount of plastic use in their lives, which will indirectly help our oceans.

We will eventually achieve this by:

  • Offering products made from sustainable materials
  • Integrate biodegradable packaging materials in our logistics
  • Introduce you to up-cycled products made from discarded plastics. Ocean and landfill bound plastics, will be transformed into something useful.