How to avoid plastic packaging as much as you can

  • Test your tastebuds with those fancy new cereals that are packaged in paper bags or cardboard boxes.
  • Add a minor boost to your culinary skills by making your own dips, hummus and Tzatziki - only few ingredients involved, the prep work will be quick and ultimately, very easy to make.
  • Revert to battling your condiments out of their glass bottles with your bare hands, only if you don't mind it.
  • Buy fruits loose.
  • Buy/refill honey in glass jars.
  • Many juice cartons can’t be recycled, due to their plastic inner lining. Why not make your own, or buy drinks that are in glass bottles?

You get the gist. Get food in glass, cardboard or loosely without any packaging. Take your own containers if need be.


Reusable shopping bags

  • Organic cotton bags for produce
  • Bread bags for… bread.
  • Jute bags are strong to hold all your shopping. 

Dump plastic wrap

  • Opt for paper sandwich bags that are biodegradable
  • Recycled foil uses 95% less energy to produce than normal tin foil
  • Bowl covers – cover with cotton, beeswax wraps or anything with a flat surface.
  • Use glass jars to store your homemade goodies – condiments, chilli oil or pickled vegetables.
  • Reuse old tubs – to store new things: coffee beans, flour, jam, dips, etc


Switch to eco water bottle

  • Switch from plastics to BPA-free, Phthalate-free and reusable stainless steel bottles



  • Buy loose tea leaves 
  • Look for teapots with built-in infuser
  • Choose biodegradable, preferably unbleached paper or organic cotton tea bags to fill in your loose tea leaves. These should be in your local stores, but please let us know if you can't find them anywhere near you, we can help you out.



  • Grind your own coffee beans
  • Look for brands which have partnered with environmentally conscious organizations.
  • Coffee pods – look for biodegradable or reusable stainless steel ones, as single use pods are highly wasteful and non recyclable.
  • If you are a coffee fiend, make sure to bring your own coffee travel mug to get your refills. From this tiny change, you would make a huge positive impact to our environment, by preventing thousands of disposable coffee cups from entering landfills.

Recycle and repurpose coffee grounds into…

  • Coffee body scrub
  • Hair scrub
  • Compost – add them to your compost bin
  • Natural dye
  • Garden fertilizer

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